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3 Thrilling Snowmobile Destinations For True Sled Fanatics

by Amanda Phillips

With gas prices down, snowmobilers are chomping at the bit to get out on the trail, knowing they can log more miles on their machines without straining the household budget. Some snowmobile owners are considering road trips to unique and wintery destinations where they can enjoy new vistas and sledding experiences. Here are 3 fantastic travel destinations that any snowmobile enthusiast is bound to love:


An exciting development for snowmobile fans is the new rule that allows for unguided snowmobile travel on the park's trails. Previously, only commercially guided trips were allowed.

There are restrictions on the new unguided trail riding, however. There will only be one group per day allowed through each of the park's four entrances, and each of those four groups must use only five machines.

Potential riders must take an online snowmobile operators test, good for two years, to qualify to ride in the park. Additionally, only machines with the highest rated pollution control may enter the park, which is as good a reason as any to purchase a new snowmobile that meets the standards from a local shop such as Alaska Cycle Center Ltd.

The stunning wildlife, scenery and geysers in Yellowstone will make this a trip of a lifetime for you and your sled.

You'll find all the info you need at this link.


If competition is your thing, the first Snowmobile Rally in Deadwood, SD will be a thrill. Held in late January through early February, you can meet and greet famous snowmobile racers, watch the high speed action in person and then ride your own sled on the 350 miles of snow covered trails that wind through the beautiful Black Hills.

Held in conjunction with the successful SnoCross Shootout, organizers hope to make it an annual event.

Deadwood is an historic Western Town that takes visitors back to the Wild West Days. It's an exciting destination in its own right, with its local characters who appear to be straight out of story books. The authentic saloons and historic hotels will take you back in time.

To book tickets to the rally, which makes you eligible for lodging rate discounts and free gifts, visit this page.


If you've ever wished you could visit a museum devoted to your beloved sled, your wish has been granted. The Naubinway Snowmobile Museum, in a new location for several years now, is thrilling visitors with its 140 displays featuring antique sleds, prototype machines and other rare snowmobiles.

The oldest sled is from the 1930s, and there is a rotating display of extremely fast racing machines. Snowmobile owners have been put on a waiting list to submit their machines, eager for the museum to display their own unique and beloved sleds.

Because the Upper Peninsula location is connected to a nearby popular snowmobile trail, sledders can visit the museum while on snowmobiles or by wheeled vehicles.

You can learn more about the Snowmobile Museum here.

With oil at record low prices, there's no reason to stay close to home to get your snowmobile thrills. Wherever there are trails and snow, you and your sled can have exciting new adventures.