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3 Household Items You Should Put In A Fireproof Safe Today

by Amanda Phillips

As a homeowner, you need to be concerned with fire safety. This can include regular checks on the fire alarm batteries, keeping fire extinguishers on hand and developing an escape route plan for your family. But you should also purchase at least one fireproof safe for your home that can protect important items and also keep dangerous items from becoming a problem during a fire. What should you keep in a household safe?

Important Documents

The most common use for fireproof safes is the storage of important personal documents. This should include birth certificates and Social Security cards for everyone in your home. You can also include ownership documents such as a car or house title inside the safe. Protecting these documents from a fire can prevent the headaches of filing for new documents and bureaucratic headaches while also making it easier for you to begin filing insurance claims.

Make sure that the documents inside the safe are the originals and not certified copies, as the originals are the most important. Fireproof safes aren't difficult to open if you need a document suddenly, but make sure you return the document after usage.


You don't need to start hoarding bars of gold to keep in your safe in case society breaks down. But it's a good idea to have easy access to money after a fire, particularly if your daily use credit and debit cards went up in flames. What you keep in the safe depends on your current financial situation.

Keep at least a couple hundred dollars in cash in the safe, if possible. That's enough to get your family a hotel room and/or some new clothes for the night if an aid organization doesn't step in immediately. You should also keep any seldom-used credit cards in the safe. This both makes it harder to run up those limits with shopping items you don't need and leaves you with added emergency funds.

Guns and Ammo

Ammunition can explode or "fire" if exposed to the heat of a house fire. It's hard enough to get out of a burning building when there aren't rounds popping off in your direction, so it's wise for any gun owners to get a fireproof gun safe. You want to keep your weapons locked up in a safe regardless, so it's well worth the investment to make sure that safe can withstand a fire.

You still want to use proper gun safety techniques for storage. Make sure the weapons aren't loaded. If you have children, try to keep the ammo in a separate safe than the guns as an added precaution. For more information, contact a business such as Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply.