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Choosing A Hiking Backpack And Sleeping Bag

by Amanda Phillips

If you are in need of some backpacking and camping gear, head on down to your local military surplus store. They sell military quality gear at affordable prices. To get yourself started, you need to purchase a hiking backpack and a sleeping bag. Here is a guide to choosing the best ones for camping.


If you want to really get the true feel of camping, you may want to consider backpacking. Backpacking is when you put all the gear you need in your backpack and you hike into a camping spot. You can take a short hike to a camping spot, or you can hike a multiple day trail where you set up camp every evening and take it down every morning.

You are going to want to purchase a backpack that will be large enough for all your gear. Camping and hiking backpacks are a little different from the ones you used to take to school.

These backpacks are larger. They can generally hold up to 70 liters worth of supplies. They are also built to carry camping gear. They are generally built to be water-proof. They also include a hydration area where you can easily store and access your water. Additionally, they also have a compartment just for your sleeping bag.

In order to support all that weight while you are hiking, these backpacks also come equipped with well-padded shoulder straps and waist belts to help you balance your pack as you hike.

Sleeping Bag

When you go backpacking, you need a sleeping bag that is easy to stuff back into your bag, but that will also keep you warm at night. The best type of sleeping bag to take backpacking is a mummy bag. Mummy bags are small and made to wrap around your body. You can zip the bag all the up to your chin if needed. It is a snug fit, but you will be warm and secure while you sleep.

If you want to take a pad with you, make sure that it is compact and easy to roll up. You should be able to find a foam sleeping bag at your military surplus store. If you know you will be camping somewhere cold, you may also want to consider a chill deflector camping pad. A chill deflector pad will not only make sleeping on the ground more comfortable, it will also keep you warmer.

Make sure that you try out the backpack and see if the sleeping bag and pad you are interested in will fit inside of it. Once you have the gear you need, all you need to do is find a great camping site near where you live.