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Bait And Tackle: What Fishermen Need To Get Started

by Amanda Phillips

Fishing is a sport that lets individuals relax and enjoy nature while trying to catch a fish or two.  Fishing is also a highly competitive sport that allows fishermen to compete with each other for the biggest catch.  The flexible nature of fishing makes it an appealing activity for many types of people, and, as a bonus, it does not require much in the way of equipment or preparation to get started.


The term "tackle" has been used for centuries and applies to just about any equipment to do with fishing. Before buying a starting tackle kit, interested sportsmen should do a little research about what they actually need.


First on the list of necessities is the fishing rod.  Although a simple cane pole can work, most people want something a little more sophisticated. According to Angelfire.com, the type of pole needed depends on what fish the participants want to catch and where they plan to catch them.  Unless deep sea fishing is in the plans, most aspiring fishermen's needs are simple: a short, flexible pole is considered the best bet for fishing near overhanging limbs. If a wooded lake is the destination, a short flexible pole will work just fine.


The number and types of reels available can be overwhelming, but but for those with modest fishing goals, a spin casting reel will work well. Most experts agree that it is the easiest type to operate, which is proven by its use on children's poles.  The spin casting reel is enclosed and uses a simple release button to cast.  This style leads to fewer tangles and other mishaps.

Other Needs

The Old Farmer's Almanac gives good advice on what is needed for basic fishing.  This site recommends the following:

  • Extra fishing line

  • Bobbers or floaters

  • Sinkers

  • Hooks

  • A stringer

They suggest even more equipment, but the above list contains the absolute essentials. What each fisherman wants in the tackle box is a highly personal decision.

The Bait

Finding the proper bait for fishing can include digging worms, catching insects, or buying sophisticated electronic lures from a site like http://www.wilcoxbaitandtackle.com/. For those who refuse to dig worms and thread them on the hook, plastic bait, the refuge of the squeamish, may be the best choice.

Getting started or restarted fishing is not complicated or expensive.  Becoming proficient at the sport may take a while, but fishing practice is a great way to spend some time.