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Fitness Classes For People Who Hate Exercise Machines

by Amanda Phillips

If you're the type of person who hates running on a treadmill or doing squats in a smith machine, then you should consider a fitness class. These classes are excellent at creating excitement and variety in your workout. So, instead of the repetitive workout that consists of a treadmill, elliptical machine, cable machine and plate loaded cage, you can engage in a stimulating exercise class. This will have the added benefit of providing social interaction. Rather than exercising in isolation you will be part of a group activity.

Here are 3 different classes to consider. Some of these are very intensive and focus on cardio, while others are gentle and deal with flexibility and core muscle development.

American Style Kickboxing

This class is great for people who want lots of high-energy exercise. It provides an amazing cardiovascular workout. An added benefit is that it will teach you self-defense skills.

American style kickboxing is rooted in karate and boxing. There is very little in common with Muay Thai, though some people confuse the two. The main differences between the two involve the types of kicks and strikes. Muay Thai consists of low kicks, shin blocks, and elbow strikes. American kickboxing, on the other hand, features boxing style strikes, and the high kicks typically found in karate.

Classes will include instruction on proper striking and kicking form. Students will also practice on heavy bags.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a popular style of yoga where the studio is heated. The idea behind heating the studio is that it makes the muscles looser and also promotes sweat (which helps to eliminate toxins.)

Those who attend a hot yoga class should bring bottled water, along with a towel and mat. There is a risk of dehydration during the class so drinking water is vital. Hot yoga is best suited for people who have already practiced yoga and are comfortable with the basic forms and are looking for a more strenuous workout.

Hatha Yoga

If you don't fancy the idea of doing yoga in a sweltering hot room, then choose a studio that offers Hatha yoga. This is a very gentle form of yoga that is perfect for beginners. The class consists of the yoga instructor leading the class through a series of Asanas (yoga poses) and Pranayamas  (breathing exercises.)

This type of class is great at developing core muscles and improving flexibility. In addition to improving muscle tone and flexibility, studies have shown that practicing yoga can reduce stress