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Crossfit Tips For Beginners

by Amanda Phillips

The crossfit craze is taking the nation by storm, and you might find yourself wishing that you could join a crossfit gym to improve your own health and fitness. Crossfit can be intimidating for those who don't have a lot of experience working out, but there are some simple things you can do to ensure you don't feel out of place at the crossfit gym.

Here are three bits of advice for those just starting out on their crossfit journey.

1. Focus on technique first.

It can be tempting to try and lift heavy weights when you are participating in a crossfit class, especially if those around you are loading up their weight bars. If you want to enjoy crossfit without sustaining an injury, it's essential that you take the time to master your technique first.

Since many lower back injuries occur when squatting, and squats play a crucial role in many crossfit workouts, it can be beneficial for you to focus on perfecting your form to avoid a rounded back or collapsed knees before squatting with heavy weights. Don't be afraid to ask more experienced crossfitters for pointers to improve your own technique.

2. Mentally prepare for your workout.

If you aren't used to getting physical activity on a regular basis, then your first few crossfit workouts might seem grueling. It's important that you mentally prepare yourself for success before you ever walk through the doors of a crossfit gym.

Give yourself permission to progress slowly, and don't expect to see immediate results. Experts advise giving crossfit at least 90 days before evaluating your gains to avoid getting discouraged as you grow accustomed to the difficult workouts performed in a crossfit gym.

3. Come dressed for success.

To ensure that you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed at a crossfit gym, it can be helpful to update your workout wardrobe.

You want to avoid running shoes and opt for shoes with a low profile instead. This will ensure that you have the maximum amount of stability when performing difficult movements. It can also be beneficial to avoid loose fitting shirts and pants. Crossfit requires a lot of dynamic motion, and loose fitting clothing can impede your movements.

Crossfit can be an exciting way to improve your fitness level. Don't be intimidated by the intensity of crossfit workouts. Focus on proper technique in the beginning, be patient when evaluating your progress, and be sure to wear the right clothing, and you will be on your way to becoming a crossfit junkie in no time. For more information, contact Vent-Up or a similar company.