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6 Tips For Taking A Beginners Yoga Course

by Amanda Phillips

Yoga is a great exercise that teaches you deep breathing, deep, gentle stretching of the muscles, and more. If you are interested in learning yoga, it's best to sign up for a beginners yoga course that will help you ease into the practice. Here are six tips to consider when you sign up for one of these courses:

  1. Arrive Early: On the first day of taking the course, you should arrive early. This gives you the opportunity to have time to get settled into the space. You will want to be close to the instructor, and this gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable in the space, as well before you actually begin. 
  2. Talk to the Instructor: To help you get more comfortable, it's best to introduce yourself to your instructor. When you do this, you will be more comfortable asking for help with certain postures. This is important to ensure that you are not over-straining your body and that you are getting the most out of each posture that you are taking. 
  3. Talk to People Around You:  Talking to the people around you is important if you need help getting into any postures. When you begin to work on handstands and other more challenging positions, your instructor will likely encourage this anyway. On top of this, if the people in your class are serious about learning yoga, you can even start to practice together outside of the course itself. 
  4. Practice Breathing: One area that beginners have the most trouble with in yoga is breathing. With each movement in yoga, you are going to be moving with your breath. When you are not breathing deeply and fluently, it can make switching into each posture difficult. If you are having trouble in this area, consider talking to your instructor who can provide useful tips. You can also practice deep breathing meditation at home as well. 
  5. Modify When You Need To: Since you are in a beginners course, your yoga instructor is likely going to give you tips on how you can modify certain challenging poses. Don't force yourself to get into the pose fully if you need to modify it. 
  6. Take Rests: If you are struggling with certain poses, don't be afraid to transition into a resting pose even if the rest of the class isn't there yet. This will ensure that you don't overwork your body when it's not ready for it. 

For more information, contact Mindful Yoga Tips or a similar organization.