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Inherit a Firearm Collection? What You Must Know

by Amanda Phillips

If you have inherited a large collection of guns and aren't sure which ones are working, what condition they are in, and what the value of the collection is, there are some things you'll want to do. You want to first make sure that the guns are safe and out of the hands of people that could do harm with them, such as people who don't know how to handle firearms properly, and you will want to avoid any liability concerns. Here are a few different things you will want to take into consideration right away.

Gun-Safe Installation

Have a gun safe installed in the home so you don't have to worry about anyone stealing the guns or getting into the guns and harming someone. Not only is it important to keep the guns locked up in a safe, but you may also want to keep all ammunition in a separate location and separate safe so it's less likely that someone can put the two together unintentionally. Your insurance company may require that the firearms are kept in a safe. Getting a home security system is also a good idea.

Repair Specialist

Have the guns taken to a repair specialist. The specialist should be able to do the following with each of the firearms:

  • Clean and tune up each weapon
  • Check to see whether each one works
  • Repair flaws or concerns

Once you know what guns work, which will be best just for show, and how much repair will be on the others, you can decide which guns you want to keep and which ones are worth fixing. Contact a company like Razorback Armory to get started with repairs. 

Insurance Appraisal

Make sure you have enough insurance coverage on each of the guns in case they are stolen or damaged. You want to have the entire collection appraised after all the repairs have been completed, and then you will know how much protection you need. This can also help if you need to add the collection to your portfolio or need to know for estate-planning purposes.

When you inherit an old gun collection, you have to make sure right away that you know what you're going to do with the guns, where the weapons will be stored at your property, what the firearms are worth, and whether they are in working condition or not. Go through the following steps to see what you want to do with your inherited collection so you can start making progress improving and protecting the collection.