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Are You Ready To Purchase A Gas-Powered Hookah Diving System For Your Boat? 3 Tips To Keep It In Good Condition

by Amanda Phillips

As a watersports enthusiast, you love having the gear you need on your boat to go out and enjoy the tranquility of the water. Now that you've made the decision to buy a gas-powered system, your next step is to make sure that you know how to keep it maintained. While you should always start by taking a good look at the user's manual for your specific model, you can use these tips to keep your hookah diving system in great condition.

Apply a Corrosion Prevention Spray

The biggest threat to your diving system is corrosion since the elements involved in your favorite watersport are known for generating rust. When you first get your system, you want to spray it down with an approved spray that prevents corrosion. Check the owner's manual or use the spray that comes with your diving kit. You will then need to apply the spray occasionally after your post-dive cleanings to ensure that the system always has a protective coat.

Rinse It With Fresh Water After Every Dive

Although hookah diving systems are designed for use in salt water, you do want to make sure to rinse yours off after every use. After giving the engine time to cool, start it back up and rinse the entire unit off with fresh water to remove any residual salt. Remember to clean all of the parts of the system, including the belts, hoses, and tubes. Once you are certain that you have removed anything that has corrosive qualities, you can then air- or blow-dry the system so that it is ready for storage. 

Prepare for Long-Term Storage

As much as you love hookah diving, there will be times when you need to store the system for the off-season. While you can leave the gasoline in your system during short breaks between dives, you do need to drain the tank if you plan to leave the system unused for more than a month or two. You can also choose to use a fuel stabilizer in the tank when it is stored for longer than a week. Once the system is completely cleaned and dried, you will also need to find a cool, dry place to store it. All small pieces and connectors should also be stored together in a sturdy storage bag. 

It only takes a few minutes to make sure that your system is ready for your next hookah dive. By making sure that you follow the proper procedures, it will always be ready when you get inspired to dive in and explore a new underwater environment.