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Six Winter Fitness Training Mistakes That Could Cause Injuries

by Amanda Phillips

Keeping up with fitness training in the cold winter months can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. Unfortunately, the weather can make it more difficult and less enjoyable to work out outside.

The weather can also create safety hazards that you need to be aware of to avoid injuries during outdoor wintertime exercise. 

The following are six winter fitness training mistakes to avoid so that you don't get injured during cold weather training sessions.

Failing to put some extra time into warming up and stretching beforehand

When you exercise outside in the cold, your muscles and joints are naturally going to be more tight and cold than they would be if the temperature were higher.

You should never neglect taking the time to warm up and get your blood flowing before you begin strenuous exercise. You put yourself at high risk of experiencing an injury like a pulled muscle when you start an intense cardio workout when your muscles are still cold and stiff.

Neglecting to keep your head warm

Don't underestimate the importance of keeping your head warm when you're out in the cold. Even though you may not feel cold without a hat on, you should know that a lot of heat can escape your body from your head when it is not covered. This is because there is a lot of blood constantly flowing to the brain. 

Not taking the time to inspect the surface before you get started

One of the biggest hazards for those exercising in the winter is slipping and falling in ice, slush, or snow. You should inspect the ground or roadway before you begin exercising. You should also make sure that you choose shoes with enough traction for handling winter precipitation on the ground. 

Drinking less than you do during warm weather workouts

You might not feel as thirsty when exercising in cold weather as you do when exercising in warm weather. However, it's important to understand that staying hydrated is still just as important. 

To stay hydrated, you should be drinking before, during, and after exercising in the cold weather. 

Assuming you don't need sunscreen

You could potentially get a severe sunburn if you exercise outdoors when the ground is covered with snow. This is because snow can reflect sunlight onto the skin. It's always a good idea to wear sunscreen if the weather is sunny, even in the winter time. 

Being unaware of what the forecast is saying

You should never go out exercising in the winter if you aren't aware of what the forecast is calling for. You don't want to end up getting stranded on a long winter run or bike ride because severe winter precipitation makes it difficult to get back home. 

For more information, talk to a winter fitness coach.