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Whitetail Deer Hunting: Gear And Prep Mods

by Amanda Phillips

Whitetail deer hunting is a matter of precision and planning. If you're looking to bag the biggest buck of your life this winter, a whitetail deer hunt on a game ranch can be your best bet.

Here are some subtle modifications you can use on your next whitetail deer hunt to increase your odds of bringing down a trophy animal.

Gear Mods

From bow to black powder hunting, adding more power to your weapon of choice can make a big difference in your whitetail deer hunt.

  • Power Up: Increasing the power of your shot will improve your range and deliver a flatter trajectory. For traditional rifles, upping the amount of gunpowder in your ammo is an easy solution. You can also look for slightly lighter ammo (hollow point or aluminum jacketed) to help your gunpowder pack more punch. For traditional bows, increasing the size of your bow or making the switch to more responsive materials like carbon fiber or laminated plastics will transfer more power into your shots.
  • Sharpen Up: Big bucks are large for a reason. Whitetail deer hunts require a stealthy approach. Investing in a digitally-enhanced rifle scope will harness the power of advanced AI software to help you see further and more clearly. Some of the latest models also adjust for variables like wind, slope, and barometric pressure. If you've never experimented with enhanced scopes, the best whitetail deer hunting guides can show you what you're missing.

Prep Mods

The most impactful modifications you can make leading up to your whitetail deer hunt are subtle tweaks to your preparation.

  • Angled Approach: The biggest mistake a whitetail deer hunter can make is practicing for the "perfect shot"—the one where you have a perfect line of sight, with minimal slope, upwind from a trophy buck. Sadly, whitetail deers hunts don't happen at the target range. Before your whitetail deer hunt, practice taking shots from uncomfortable angles. Experiment with shooting on canted slopes and attempt to hit targets from a variety of wind directions. You practice adjusting your scope to account for the variables you might encounter on your hunt.
  • Natural Approach: Successful whitetail deer hunts require you to become one with nature. Thus, your clothing and personal hygiene should be equally natural leading up to your hunts. For instance, you should wash your hunting gear without detergent and hang them to air dry to prevent picking up unnatural cleaning scents.  Also, avoid showering with perfumed soaps in the days leading up to your hunt.  

For more information about whitetail deer hunting, contact a local hunting professional.