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Indoor Cycling: Fat Burning And Booty Sculpting

by Amanda Phillips

If you're looking for a non-impact and efficient cardio workout, few options are better than indoor cycling. With the right at-home bike training, you can burn fat and sculpt your booty.

Here are some of the ways you can get the most out of your online bike training.

Fat Burning

Many people turn to indoor cycling to get rid of a muffin top or stubborn belly fat. However, targeting fat requires specific approaches to indoor cycling workouts.

The Right Zones

Your body consumes specific types of energy depending on the intensity and duration of your cardio workouts. The easiest way to differentiate your workout intensities is by closely monitoring your heart rate. Many indoor cycling bikes can connect to heart rate monitors you can strap to your chest. You might also be able to use wrist-based heart rate monitors on your watch. Regardless of how you track your heart rate, staying between 70%-80% of your maximum heart rate will help you burn more fat. To ensure that you're staying in this zone, it's important to use resistance and intervals to keep your heart rate elevated but not too high. If your heart rate consistently exceeds 70%-80%, your workouts are likely too hard and not sustainable for the long term.

Fat Fueling

Another way to burn more fat while indoor cycle training is to fuel your body with high-fat foods. Although this might seem counterintuitive, when your body consumes more fats, it will begin to use them as a primary fuel source. When choosing high-fat foods, avoid fatty foods that also contain high quantities of carbs. Thus, avocados, nuts, oils, and meat products can be used to fuel fat-burning indoor cycle training.

Booty Sculpting

Another common goal of many indoor cyclists is to build a more shapely backside. When you're focusing your booty, intense intervals and high resistance can be helpful.


High-intensity interval training is all about intense repetitions with relatively short rest. For booty-blasting HIIT workouts, it helps to vary the ratio of pedal speed and resistance. For instance, you might do a series of intervals with extreme resistance, followed by a repeat at minimal resistance, but maximal speed.


Another way to target your booty is to end each session with a prolonged period of slowing pedaling at relatively high resistance. As you grind through this closing interval, it's important to stay on your saddle and pedal against the resistance steadily.    

To learn more, contact an indoor cycling coaching provider like Plan 7 Coaching.