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Three Reasons To Fish For Salmon On Cloudy Days

by Amanda Phillips

Fishing for salmon can be a fun and rewarding way to spend a day, particularly if you're planning an outing with friends. Unless you decide to book your outing well in advance, it can be useful to consider the weather forecast a day or so before you plan to get out on the water. When possible, it's ideal if you can book your salmon fishing outing on a cloudy day. If you see a strong probability of overcast conditions in the forecast, this can be a good day to go fishing. Here are three reasons to fish for salmon when it's cloudy.

Better Chance Of Success

In general, salmon are more active when it's not too bright out. On a sunny day, the sun will brighten the top of the water. This will typically send the salmon deeper into the water where it's darker. While it may still be possible to catch them, your best chance of success is always when the fish are somewhat closer to the surface. When the conditions are cloudy, there's a higher probability that you'll encounter more salmon that are well within the reach of your lure and line, just below the surface of the water.

More Visibility

Salmon will sometimes jump out of the water, and being able to spot this movement is handy when you're fishing. If you and your fishing partners see signs of salmon breaching the surface of the water in the distance, you'll want to get to that area as quickly as you can. When the conditions are cloudy, it's a lot easier to see salmon when they jump. Sunny conditions cause the surface of the water to be bright and have a high level of glare, which can impede your vision to a high degree.

More Comfort

While fishing in sunny conditions can be fun over a short period of time, it's easy to feel hot if you're going to be on the water for multiple hours. Hot and sunny conditions can cause various issues such as sunburn and dehydration. You may find that it's a lot more comfortable to go fishing when the conditions are cloudy. Provided that you dress appropriately for the conditions, you'll be more than comfortable and not have to worry about the issues that too much sun can cause. When possible, try to schedule your salmon fishing outing on a cloudy day to enjoy these benefits.