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Different Types Of Center Console Boats

by Amanda Phillips

Console boats are so named due to the central position of their helm. These boats offer an open deck layout, panoramic views, and unmatched flexibility, which lends them to a variety of uses. Here are the different types of center console boats, each of which is designed to suit specific boating needs.

Fishing Center Console Boats

As the name suggests, fishing center console boats are the angler's top choice. These boats are specifically designed with key features to aid fishing endeavors, such as robust rod holders, live bait wells, fish lockers, and cutting-edge navigational electronics.

What sets fishing center console boats apart is the unobstructed fishing platform that provides ample room to cast lines and maneuver. You can move anywhere on the boat, including the bow and either side and the stern without stepping over seats or other things. This makes moving about while fighting a fish much easier.

Furthermore, larger models of fishing center console boats offer additional comfort features. They might have small cabins, for rest during extensive fishing expeditions. Many have coolers filled with water for storing your catches until you're back at the marina.

High-Performance Center Console Boats

For those who crave speed and thrill, high-performance center console boats are a perfect fit. These boats, powered by multiple high-horsepower outboard engines, are designed to achieve impressive speeds. Their specially designed hulls glide smoothly through waves, ensuring a seamless ride even in choppy waters. 

The high-performance models offer a blend of speed and comfort, featuring plush seating, advanced entertainment systems, and considerable storage space.

Luxury Center Console Boats

For boating enthusiasts who value opulence, luxury center console boats stand out. These boats epitomize elegance with stylish designs, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art features. Luxury models offer spacious and comfortable seating, sun pads, and amenities such as a wet bar, grill, and premium sound systems. 

Larger luxury center console boats may even feature cabins complete with berth and head facilities, offering a resort-like experience on the water.

Dive Boats

Dive boats cater to the needs of underwater adventurers. They typically feature a dive door on the side, tank storage racks, and a swim platform to facilitate easy water entry and exit. Some models come equipped with rinse tanks for post-dive gear cleaning, along with sturdy ladders for convenient reboarding.

Many dive boats are center consoles for the same reason that fishing boats are. A center console allows the support team to aid divers from any part of the boat.

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