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7 Steps to Winterize Your Outboard Motor

Posted by on Dec 16, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 7 Steps to Winterize Your Outboard Motor

If you are not going to be using your boat again until spring time, you need to winterize your outboard motor. Follow the seven steps below to get your outboard motor ready for a period of dormancy. #1: Flush Your Engine with Freshwater The first thing you need to do is flush out the water that is inside of your outboard engine and give it a nice cleaning. Place a flushing attachment on your outboard motor and run some clean, fresh water through the engine.  If you don’t have a flushing attachment, you can also fill up a large tank or container with freshwater and then run your engine inside of the tank to flush it out. #2: Disconnect the Fuel Lines Second, you are going to want to take the fuel lines and disconnect them from the engine. It is best to do this while the engine is running. This will allow the current fuel to burn out. It will also allow the fuel-delivery components to truly be free of gasoline. Freeing your engine of gasoline will help prevent junk from forming as the gasoline sits and clogs up all of your lines, jets, and injectors inside of your engine. #3: Spray Fogging Oil As the motor is running after you disconnect the fuel line but before the engine dies, you need to apply fogging oil to the carburetors on your engine. The fogging oil will help protect your cylinders and carburetors from the inside from developing rust. If you spray things after you disconnect the fuel line but before the engine dies, the fogging oil will be able to run through the engine and protect the appropriate surfaces inside of your engine from rust. #4: Remove the Spark Plugs Take the spark plugs out. Once you take them out, you are also going to want to spray fogging oil into the holes where the spark plugs go. This will help coat the internal cylinders and prevent rust from developing. Then put the spark plugs back in place after you check them to see if any need to be replaced. #5: Spray the Flywheel Manually rotate the flywheel on your engine. As you manually rotate the flywheel, apply some additional fogging oil to the flywheel. This will help protect the flywheel and the cylinder walls inside of your engine from developing rust. #6: Clean Away the Grease Next, you are going to want to use a cloth to clean away the visible grease on your engine. Be sure to focus on the outer gears and pivots that you can clearly see. #7: Fill the Gear Case Then, take some oil and fill up the gear case with oil. Filling up the gear case is a necessary step in order to stop condensation from developing inside of it while your motor sits dormant. Finally, make sure that you store your engine in an upright position, like how it is when it is on your boat. Storing the engine upright will prevent fluids and liquids from migrating to where they are not needed. This will help ensure that all the components work properly in the spring when you put your engine in your boat again. Talk to a company such as All Seasons Honda & Peninsula Ski-Doo for more information or...

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Inherit a Firearm Collection? What You Must Know

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Inherit a Firearm Collection? What You Must Know

If you have inherited a large collection of guns and aren’t sure which ones are working, what condition they are in, and what the value of the collection is, there are some things you’ll want to do. You want to first make sure that the guns are safe and out of the hands of people that could do harm with them, such as people who don’t know how to handle firearms properly, and you will want to avoid any liability concerns. Here are a few different things you will want to take into consideration right away. Gun-Safe Installation Have a gun safe installed in the home so you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing the guns or getting into the guns and harming someone. Not only is it important to keep the guns locked up in a safe, but you may also want to keep all ammunition in a separate location and separate safe so it’s less likely that someone can put the two together unintentionally. Your insurance company may require that the firearms are kept in a safe. Getting a home security system is also a good idea. Repair Specialist Have the guns taken to a repair specialist. The specialist should be able to do the following with each of the firearms: Clean and tune up each weapon Check to see whether each one works Repair flaws or concerns Once you know what guns work, which will be best just for show, and how much repair will be on the others, you can decide which guns you want to keep and which ones are worth fixing. Contact a company like Razorback Armory to get started with repairs.  Insurance Appraisal Make sure you have enough insurance coverage on each of the guns in case they are stolen or damaged. You want to have the entire collection appraised after all the repairs have been completed, and then you will know how much protection you need. This can also help if you need to add the collection to your portfolio or need to know for estate-planning purposes. When you inherit an old gun collection, you have to make sure right away that you know what you’re going to do with the guns, where the weapons will be stored at your property, what the firearms are worth, and whether they are in working condition or not. Go through the following steps to see what you want to do with your inherited collection so you can start making progress improving and protecting the...

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Finding The Perfect Gift For The Person Who Loves To Fish

Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Finding The Perfect Gift For The Person Who Loves To Fish

It can be hard to find the right gift for a loved one. While a person who loves to fish might have an extensive tackle box, there’s always room for a custom swimbait to add to the collection. When you don’t understand a lot about fishing, it’s important to know that different baits are used to attract different types of fish. In addition, lures are often lost at the bottom of the lake or river, stuck in weeds. A person who loves fishing likes to be prepared. Show your loved one that you support their hobby by giving them a gift that is both thoughtful and practical. What You’ll Need to Find Out While you don’t want to ask your loved one directly the type of customized swimbait they would want, learning about the type of fish they are trying to catch is important. Swimbaits come in a variety of sizes, and you will need to know what type of fish the person you want to buy the gift for is trying to catch. It’s possible that the person you want to buy the gift for uses a variety of lures and swimbaits, which means that you can pick out a number of products that you like the look of. Why Customization Matters A customized swimbait is going to be designed perfectly to attract the type of fish the person receiving the gift wants to catch. The colors used on the bait, the shine, and how the bait is made all make a difference in the fish it is going to attract. Customization is also a fun way to show your loved one that you care enough about their love of fishing to take the time and order them a product made specifically for them. It’s fun to have original pieces in your tackle box, and a person who loves fishing will appreciate the gift. It’s an Affordable Gift The good thing about purchasing fishing equipment for a gift is that you can make your gift as expensive or inexpensive as you choose. While you can opt for a wide variety of custom swimbaits, even one custom lure can make the perfect gift. When you are trying to be thoughtful while on a budget, this is an excellent option. When someone you love spends their time catching fish in the great outdoors, adding to their tackle box is always an excellent idea for gifts. Talk to a retailer like CAROLINA FISHING TACKLE LLC about custom swimbaits and other...

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6 Tips For Taking A Beginners Yoga Course

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Yoga is a great exercise that teaches you deep breathing, deep, gentle stretching of the muscles, and more. If you are interested in learning yoga, it’s best to sign up for a beginners yoga course that will help you ease into the practice. Here are six tips to consider when you sign up for one of these courses: Arrive Early: On the first day of taking the course, you should arrive early. This gives you the opportunity to have time to get settled into the space. You will want to be close to the instructor, and this gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable in the space, as well before you actually begin.  Talk to the Instructor: To help you get more comfortable, it’s best to introduce yourself to your instructor. When you do this, you will be more comfortable asking for help with certain postures. This is important to ensure that you are not over-straining your body and that you are getting the most out of each posture that you are taking.  Talk to People Around You:  Talking to the people around you is important if you need help getting into any postures. When you begin to work on handstands and other more challenging positions, your instructor will likely encourage this anyway. On top of this, if the people in your class are serious about learning yoga, you can even start to practice together outside of the course itself.  Practice Breathing: One area that beginners have the most trouble with in yoga is breathing. With each movement in yoga, you are going to be moving with your breath. When you are not breathing deeply and fluently, it can make switching into each posture difficult. If you are having trouble in this area, consider talking to your instructor who can provide useful tips. You can also practice deep breathing meditation at home as well.  Modify When You Need To: Since you are in a beginners course, your yoga instructor is likely going to give you tips on how you can modify certain challenging poses. Don’t force yourself to get into the pose fully if you need to modify it.  Take Rests: If you are struggling with certain poses, don’t be afraid to transition into a resting pose even if the rest of the class isn’t there yet. This will ensure that you don’t overwork your body when it’s not ready for it.  For more information, contact Mindful Yoga Tips or a similar...

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Health Benefits Of Using Inflatables For Leisure Activities

Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Health Benefits Of Using Inflatables For Leisure Activities

When you think of inflatables, you may only think of the fun that they offer. Perhaps you have only seen them used for parties and advertisements. This means that you may have enjoyed using them for entertainment, but you may have never considered how inflatables can be beneficial to your health. The following points represent some ways that inflatables can improve the well-being of your entire family.  Relaxation If you have only explored using inflatables for children activities, you may not realize that adults can also use adult-friendly inflatables for enjoyment. Inflatable boats and inflatable water floats are examples of ways you can experience relaxation, which has several benefits. For example, using an inflatable boat to fish can help you relieve stress and anxiety. Perhaps you have a demanding job; fishing could serve as a diversion from distracting thoughts about your job. Exercise There are a number of people who do not get enough exercise. Perhaps your children spend hours on electronics and rarely get involved in physical activities. Renting inflatables for them to play can encourage your children to be active. You may want to choose a model that is designed for sports play. For example, some inflatables feature obstacle courses that are appropriate for basketball, trampoline jumping, or soccer play. Many inflatables are also suitable enough to accommodate the weight of adults, so you can use the rental as an opportunity for all of your family members to be more active. Ensure that you get the weight restrictions for inflatables you rent to prevent going over the weight capacity. One solution would be to rent more than one.  Sunlight Benefits If you or another family member spends the majority of time indoors, it is possible that you or your family members are not getting adequate sunlight. The human body may show signs of sun deprivation. For example, depression may be heightened when a person does not get enough sunlight. The short length of time that you are likely to spend enjoying inflatables may serve as a mood booster and improve how you deal with stress. If it works for you, you may want to consider buying an inflatable lawn chair and use it to enjoy sunlight benefits a few days a week.  Social Benefits Perhaps the demands of work and family have made you somewhat a recluse, and the feeling of isolation could be negatively affecting you. Renting inflatables is a wonderful way to connect with other families. You may enjoy your “inflatable parties” so much that it becomes a common occurrence. You and neighbors can take turns hosting these events and trying out various inflatables and party themes. Talk to a company like Adventures In Climbing for more...

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Time For Her First Sleepaway Camp: 4 Steps To Help Relieve Anxiety

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Summer is here. Time to find ways to keep your kids occupied while they’re out of school. If you’re going to be sending your daughter to her first sleepaway summer camp, she may be feeling anxious about her time away from home. Don’t worry too much. It’s normal for kids to be anxious about sleeping away from home for the first time. Here are four steps you can take that will alleviate the anxiety and get your daughter ready for camp. Let Her Pick Her Own Supplies Your daughter is going to need lots of new gear for her sleepaway camp. Schedule a day when the two of you can go shopping for everything she’ll need for a successful summer camp. Allow her to have ownership over the choices. Allowing her to choose the equipment and clothing she’ll take with her will help her realize that she has some say and control over the situation. Turn the Focus Away from the Anxiety When discussing camp with your daughter, avoid comments that focus on her anxiety. Focusing on the issues that cause her anxiety will increase the stress she’s already experiencing. For instance, instead of asking if she’s worried about sleeping away from home for the first time, ask how she’s feeling about meeting new friends. By turning the attention to positive attributes of camp, you can take the focus away from the anxiety. Don’t Transfer Your Own Anxiety You may be just as anxious about summer camp as your daughter is. However, it’s important that you don’t transfer your anxiety onto her. Letting her know how much you’re going to miss her can increase the level of anxiety she’s experiencing, especially if she’s worried about how her time at camp will affect you. Instead, focus on how happy you are about her decision to go to camp. Make the Goodbyes Quick When it comes time to put your daughter on the bus and say your goodbyes, make it quick. Don’t linger at the bus stop waiting for her to leave. This can increase the anxiety level as she anticipates the separation. Make the separation easier by saying your goodbyes, watching her get on the bus, and then leaving. If this will be your daughters first experience with a sleepaway summer camp, you want to do everything you can to reduce her anxiety. The tips provided here will help alleviate her anxiety so she can enjoy her summer.  For more information about sleepaway camps, see Camp Marimeta For Girls or other girls camps near...

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Birds Dive-Bombing You From Your Boat Canopy Cover? Here’s What You Need To Know

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Birds Dive-Bombing You From Your Boat Canopy Cover? Here’s What You Need To Know

If a small bird or two dove at you while you were walking near your boat lift canopy, there’s no doubt you were ducking for cover—and not underneath the canopy. Barn swallows build nests anywhere there are covered ledges, including underneath boat lift canopies. They are very protective of their nests, which is why they dive-bomb anyone or anything that gets too close. In addition to worrying about an aerial attack every time you near your boat lift canopy, there are a few other things to be concerned about. Here’s what you need to know.  Know the Risks  Bird droppings are corrosive, which can lead to dangerous conditions on your boat. The white liquid contains uric acid, which can eat away at some of the materials on your boat and cause metals to corrode. If, by chance, you notice bird droppings directly on the motor, you’ll want to be sure to have a mechanic inspect the motor before you start your boat up, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve been in your boat.  Droppings also cause health problems. The slippery white goo can cause you to lose your footing if you aren’t careful and lead to slip-and-fall injuries. The droppings can also contain a fungus that can make you sick with histaplasmosis if you breathe the fungus into your lungs.  Get Rid of Droppings  To clean the droppings, simply swab the deck. Obviously, you’ll want to wear shoes with rubber soles to give you a good grip. Due to the health risks that are involved, you’ll want to cover your mouth with a mask so you don’t breathe in any fungal spores from the bird droppings while cleaning your boat.  Keep them Out  You can remove the nests from the canopy, but that will not keep the birds from returning to build new nests in the future. Instead, you’ll need to eliminate areas where the birds can perch and nest underneath the canopy. This can be done by attaching chicken wire to the canopy to close in any areas that create a ledge. Chicken wire is ideal for this because it will collapse when the canopy is closed up.  Another thing you can do is to place decoys of creatures that they will instinctively avoid, such as an owl and a snake. These can be as simple as plastic sculptures to robotic devices that replicate the movements of the creatures they resemble.  For more information and tips for your boat lift canopy itself, contact canopy companies, like Waterway Boat Lift...

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Creating A Bucket List? 4 Reasons To Add Skydiving

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If you enjoy the feeling of adrenaline, you might have some of the greatest theme parks in the world on your bucket list, and for good reason. But, there is one activity that you should greatly consider doing and putting on your bucket list, which is skydiving. It might sound a lot scarier than roller coasters, but skydiving accidents happen at a lower percentage than car accident fatalities. Skydiving provides you with an experience that you cannot get anywhere else, making it worthy of your bucket list. Get a Unique View of the World Although you can look at the world from down below in an airplane, the view is just not the same. A small corner seat window is not the same as descending to earth with no obstructions to your view. Travel at Incredible Speeds It depends on what kind of life you live, but skydiving could be the fastest you will ever go. In most cases, it will certainly be the fastest that you go without an airplane, roller coaster, or vehicle propelling you forward. Although there are a number of variables that need to be considered to truly determine your speed in the air, you can expect to reach upwards of 120 to 200 miles per hour. Capture It All On Video With modern technology, you can capture the entire skydive on camera. It is possible to bring family or friends along to video tape you from the sky. Another option is to pay a professional to video tape you from the moment you jump out of the airplane to the moment you land on the ground. In addition to video footage, you can get high-definition photos to enjoy and share with others for the rest of your life. Take On Your Fears Some of the most common fears revolve around skydiving in flying and heights. If you do not have either of these fears, you can schedule a skydiving trip without having to take fear into consideration. But, if you are afraid of flying, heights, or both, you can take them on headfirst with skydiving. Going on this trip early on can help you overcome your fear, which could help you realize some of your other bucket list items. Skydiving is one of those activities that you do not have to plan for months in advance. It is at least worth one try just to see how you like it and to mark one item off of your bucket list. Click here for more information about skydiving...

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Know Before You Go: Things To Bring To Your Cabin Rental To Make It Feel Like Home

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While many landlords will supply the basics, there are some things that you may sorely miss if you neglect to pack them for your stay at a rented cabin. Since every tenant is different, most cabins may only include the most basic of essentials, such as linens, some cookware, cutlery, and toilet paper. Before you head out to your cabin rental, be sure to take time to pack a few things that will make you feel more at home during your stay. For cooking: Even a “stocked” kitchen will be missing some items that you usually use at home; be sure to bring extra paper products, such as paper towels and napkins, since you will likely use a lot of these goods during your vacation. Some other things to bring are: Dish detergent. Cooking spatulas. Coffee and filters. A meat thermometer. A cutting board. Your chef’s knife. A colander. Aluminum foil. Favorite spices. For entertaining: If you plan on having guests during your stay, pack a few things to make entertaining easier, such as: Extra blankets or bedding for overnight guests. Charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches for the grill. A drink blender. Puzzles, games, or cards. A couple extra gallons of water. For lounging: If your idea of a vacation is curling up by the fire with a good book, then be sure to pack some things to make this feasible. Some must-haves are: Fire starter for a fireplace or wood stove. Task light for reading. A corkscrew or bottle opener. Your favorite beverage, such as tea bags or liquor. For the bath: Set up your cabin’s bathroom with a few things from home. This includes: Extra toilet paper. Beach towels. Soap and bathing products. Clothespins to hang up wet clothes. Laundry detergent. Just in case: There are always a couple things that you may not need, but that doesn’t hurt to bring along, just in case. Some of these things might be: A small fire extinguisher. An alarm clock. A flashlight or a headlamp. Pens and paper. A fan. A cast-iron skillet or pot that can be used on the grill or in a fire. Candles. A power strip. Make yourself at home in your rented cabin, without having to run to the nearest store multiple times during your stay. Take care to pack a few of these essential, though often overlooked items, to ensure your time away is all that you want it to be! Contact a cabin rental company, such as Sunburst Cabins, to find out the specific amenities your cabin will already...

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Fitness Classes For People Who Hate Exercise Machines

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If you’re the type of person who hates running on a treadmill or doing squats in a smith machine, then you should consider a fitness class. These classes are excellent at creating excitement and variety in your workout. So, instead of the repetitive workout that consists of a treadmill, elliptical machine, cable machine and plate loaded cage, you can engage in a stimulating exercise class. This will have the added benefit of providing social interaction. Rather than exercising in isolation you will be part of a group activity. Here are 3 different classes to consider. Some of these are very intensive and focus on cardio, while others are gentle and deal with flexibility and core muscle development. American Style Kickboxing This class is great for people who want lots of high-energy exercise. It provides an amazing cardiovascular workout. An added benefit is that it will teach you self-defense skills. American style kickboxing is rooted in karate and boxing. There is very little in common with Muay Thai, though some people confuse the two. The main differences between the two involve the types of kicks and strikes. Muay Thai consists of low kicks, shin blocks, and elbow strikes. American kickboxing, on the other hand, features boxing style strikes, and the high kicks typically found in karate. Classes will include instruction on proper striking and kicking form. Students will also practice on heavy bags. Hot Yoga Hot yoga is a popular style of yoga where the studio is heated. The idea behind heating the studio is that it makes the muscles looser and also promotes sweat (which helps to eliminate toxins.) Those who attend a hot yoga class should bring bottled water, along with a towel and mat. There is a risk of dehydration during the class so drinking water is vital. Hot yoga is best suited for people who have already practiced yoga and are comfortable with the basic forms and are looking for a more strenuous workout. Hatha Yoga If you don’t fancy the idea of doing yoga in a sweltering hot room, then choose a studio that offers Hatha yoga. This is a very gentle form of yoga that is perfect for beginners. The class consists of the yoga instructor leading the class through a series of Asanas (yoga poses) and Pranayamas  (breathing exercises.) This type of class is great at developing core muscles and improving flexibility. In addition to improving muscle tone and flexibility, studies have shown that practicing yoga can reduce...

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